Tuesday, March 17, 2009

List Your Website in New Jersey Business Directory

In order to effectively optimize your website you need to acquire in-bound links. Every website is rated with a Page Rank from Google. One of the criteria Google looks for when assigning a Page Rank is the number of in-bound links. The more in-bound links your website has the more important your website is in the eyes of Google.

If you have a New Jersey based business, we would recommend listing your website in the Top100NewJerseyBusiness Directory at http://www.Top100NewJerseyBusinesses.com

The benefit of listing your website in this directory, is that your website can be listed at the top as placement is measured by how many visitors click on your directory listing. The more people that click on your listing the higher it moves up on the list.

Click Here to List Your New Jersey Website in the Top 100 New Jersey Business Directory.


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