Tuesday, March 17, 2009

List Your Website in New Jersey Business Directory

In order to effectively optimize your website you need to acquire in-bound links. Every website is rated with a Page Rank from Google. One of the criteria Google looks for when assigning a Page Rank is the number of in-bound links. The more in-bound links your website has the more important your website is in the eyes of Google.

If you have a New Jersey based business, we would recommend listing your website in the Top100NewJerseyBusiness Directory at http://www.Top100NewJerseyBusinesses.com

The benefit of listing your website in this directory, is that your website can be listed at the top as placement is measured by how many visitors click on your directory listing. The more people that click on your listing the higher it moves up on the list.

Click Here to List Your New Jersey Website in the Top 100 New Jersey Business Directory.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

~50% of All Website Traffic comes from Search Engines

I can't tell you how many calls we get from business owners who currently have websites but aren't getting any visitors. Some of them are angry because they paid alot of money for their websites but they are not getting any traffic. I always tell them that they got exactly what they paid for. Website designers just design and create websites. As a norm, website designers do not optimize websites and won't make any guarantees that your website will get traffic.

If you want to get traffic to your website, you have to have your website optimized for the search engines. Seach Engine Optimization is a specialized field that is very expensive (I have seen charges from $500 to $900 per month!). When we create websites, we design them and optimize them for our client's chosen keywords for no additional charge. We do not charge extra for this service as we don't guarantee results so we didn't think it was fair to charge for something that we cannot guarantee.

We are a small website design company and most of our business comes from word of mouth. Our prices are very affordable as we don't charge any up-front fees, we don't charge a design fee and we don't require a contract. We are very selective about who we take as a client as we don't ask for payment until the website is published on the interet (which means we have invested many hours).

What makes us different from other website design companies, is that we do more than just design websites, we work with our clients as their marketing partner and together come up with ideas on how to promote their website. We sign up our clients' websites with major search engines and constantly monitor traffic and adjust keywords to increase traffic as necessary. On average about 50% of all traffic to our clients' websites come through search engines.

For more information on website optimization, please visit our website at http://www.yellowbarnweb.com/SearchEngineOptimization.html

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Increase Traffic with Search Engine Optimization

What good is having a website if your website isn't getting any visitors? When Yellowbarn Web creates websites, we optimize our clients' websites so they get visitors. We not only optimize for our client's name, but we also optimize for other keywords as well. You not only want to get visitors to your website when people enter your company name, but also when they are searching for the products that you sell. For instance, if your company name is "ABC Basket Company" and you sell picnic baskets, you not only want to come up on the first page in the search results when a potential customer enters "ABC Basket Company", but the real value (and this is called search engine optimization) is when your website comes up on the first page of the major search engines when someone searches for "picnic baskets".

We optimize our clients' websites for no additional fee. Below are the results of our optimization efforts for some of our clients' websites. As you will see, all of our clients come up on the first page of major search engines for their company name AND their keywords as well. For instance, if you enter "crystal flip flops" in Yahoo, Google or AOL, www.twinkletoesbykim.com will come up on the first page of search results. Check out others below:

We optimized www.twinkletoesbykim.com for the keyword "crystal flip flops".
We optimized www.carriagehouserestoration.com for "furniture restoration, nj".
We optimized
www.CeramicsByYouInc.com for "stork cake toppers".

If your title tags and meta tags are set properly, there is no need for "pay per click". When people use pay per click, it is because they aren't getting any traffic to their website because their tags aren't set correctly.

Contact us at Yellowbarn Web so we can discuss how we can help you with your search engine optimization efforts today.

Special Offer: If you already have a website and would like us to analyze your site to discover why you are not getting any traffic, we will do so "free of charge" ~ Just send us an email or call us at 973-770-3570 with your website address and we will tell you how you can increase your website traffic.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How much traffic does your website get?

When we talk to potential clients who already have websites, and ask them "How many hits does your website get?" many of them have no idea. When we ask them, "When was the last time you spoke to your website designer?" more often than not, it's been so long, they just don't remember or can't get a hold of them!

You can't manage your website unless you know whether you're getting any traffic and what pages get the most traffic.

We create websites for our clients and monitor the traffic. We provide quarterly website traffic reports that show: how many hits your website is getting by day and month; hits by page (if we see that one particular page is getting most of the traffic, we may want to modify that page to include more content), we show what search engines & keywords were used to find your website, elapsed time between visits AND we also (for no additional charge) will attempt to optimize your site to your specified keywords. We also offer a mailing list package where we will manage mailing lists so you can communicate with your customers.

Your website is an important tool for building your business and should not be overlooked. It is a great marketing tool! Visit our website for additional information.

Our prices are very reasonable with NO DESIGN FEE, NO CONTRACT, NO UP-FRONT COSTS for website design and maintenance. Call or email for additional information. Phone: 973-770-3570 Email: info@yellowbarnweb.com

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